Life skills

Focuses on independent life skills required for becoming an active, respected and productive member of the community.

Montessori Education

Emphasizes learning through the five senses. Learning is centered on the consumers interest through a wide variety of Montessori designed materials. Consumers also train in self-advocacy.

Community Integration

UA believes that each consumer has a positive contribution to make to the community. We want consumers to have the opportunity to share their energy and positive contributions with the community. Community integration will focus on field trips, accessing community resources, volunteering, use of public transportation and social interaction.

Creative Arts Expression

The UA art studio program will allow consumers the opportunity to express their feelings via paining, clay sculpting, weaving and field trips to the various art galleries located in mid-town.

Workforce Development

UA offers training in workforce development for consumers interested in job “readiness”. The focus will be on socializing and workplace relationships, employer expectations, volunteering, job searching, and resume building/employment application building.

One Stop Career Center

We are excited that Unique Abilities Adult Day Program (UA) has been chosen to participate in a pilot program with Alta California Regional Center (ACRC), Sacramento Employment Training Agency (SETA), and Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to assist consumers to gain access and navigate the One stop Career centers in Sacramento. UA staff will escort consumers to career center trainings and workshops, and provide support to consumer while they are at the center.

The short-term goal of the program is to help consumers identify occupations that match their interests, skills, values and environments in which they will be content and productive. We hope that consumers that participate and take advantage of the career enter resources will have an opportunity to obtain meaningful work or training experience.